Why choose GWR Engineering?

GWR Engineering is one of the leading providers of Pressings and Formed metal sections, supplying specialist container manufacturers throughout the UK and abroad. With over 35 years of experience, our highly skilled workforce can offer components formed from mild steels, high-yield materials and stainless steel and alloys. But what makes us unique? This blog delves into what makes us so different from other steel fabrication companies. Let’s find out…

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35 years experience

GWR was established back in 1985 with a management and staff of over 40 years of experience within the presswork industry. Despite many changes over the years, we’re still seeing much success as a business. Our unmatched knowledge and skill, alongside our company ethos of supplying high-quality, cost-effective products, and always adhering to strict delivery schedules, means that even after 35 years, we are still the best in the business.

1st-class products

Quality products are important in any industry, particularly within engineering. GWR are renowned for producing 1st class products, whether it’s waste, offshore or pressings, we use only top-grade materials with full certification and traceability. Our ability to create such high-quality products is largely due to our skilled workforce and impressive onsite 16,000-square-foot manufacturing space.

Competitively priced

Whilst product quality is important, we also understand that price is equally important, if not more so for some of our customers. This is why we have always ensured that our products are priced competitively, without compromising on quality.

A focus on customer satisfaction

Here at GWR Engineering, we put our customers first. Our number one priority is to give our customers exactly what they require when they require it. In fact, for many of our customers, we create bespoke products to meet their exact requirements. So, you can rest assured that when you choose us, your needs will be our priority.

Maintain a tight delivery schedule

We understand more than anyone, that when you require a product or service, you want it there and then. Delays can be costly, and they can cause major disruptions to a business’s operations. This is why we place a strong emphasis on maintaining a tight delivery schedule. We always have, and we always will.

Get in touch today…

If you have any questions or would like some more information about any of the services we offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0151 933 3150 or emailing us at gwrengineering@aol.com and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have.