Case Study: GWR Engineering’s Precision Pressings Empower Eldapoint’s REBs

Precision Engineered Steel Panels for Eldapoint Ltd. Relocatable Equipment Buildings by GWR Engineering

With over 35 years of experience, GWR Engineering is a leading provider of pressings and formed metal sections. This case study highlights our collaboration with Eldapoint, supplying them with high-quality Zintec steel panels for their REBs units. These units were intended for use on the UK Rail system, making high specification and quality imperative.

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Stacked steel profiles in a geometric pattern


Eldapoint faced a challenge in sourcing numerous shapes and sizes of pressed panels that would be suitable for fabricating their high-security Relocatable Equipment Buildings.  These panels had to be durable and precisely engineered Zintec steel panels.

The panels needed to be robust, precisely sized, and delivered within a tight schedule.

Close-up of a stack of grey metal profiles with rectangular hollow sections against a blurred background


Utilising our state-of-the-art press technology, including 5 x 160 tonne downstroke presses and 2.5m x 6mm pyramid rolls, GWR Engineering produced high-quality Zintec steel panels. Our capabilities in handling materials ranging from mild steels to high-yield materials and stainless-steel alloys ensured that the panels met Eldapoint’s exact specifications​​. GWR Engineering’s strong relationships with many of the Uk’s largest steel suppliers allowed us to source the steel for these pressings at a very competitive rate.

Angled perspective of grey metal profiles with rectangular hollow sections, with a blurred building structure in the background.


The collaboration led to the successful production of REBs units that were both durable and cost-effective. Eldapoint benefited from our commitment to maintaining delivery schedules and competitive pricing, ensuring their project remained on track and within budget.

Angled perspective of grey metal profiles with rectangular hollow sections, with a blurred building structure in the background


GWR Engineering’s expertise in press technology and metal forming played a crucial role in the success of Eldapoint’s Relocatable Equipment Buildings.

Our ability to deliver high-quality, precision-engineered products demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the steel manufacturing industry.

Diagonal view of stacked grey metal profiles with a rectangular shape, situated in an industrial setting with walls and a ceiling visible in the soft-focus background.